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Imagine getting dozens or even 100’s ofpeople to send traffic to YOUR email listor affiliate offers…

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– without having to launch your own affiliateprogram

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Sounds too good to be true, right?

…I’d normally agree with you, if I weren’t alreadyDOING IT.

The secret is a special website called an’autonomous funnel’, and here’s how it works:

1. You simply invite people into your funnel(which is created for you instantly, on thefly, for FREE).

2. The people you invite become your ‘affiliates’.

3. Your affiliates start building your list andincome FOR you as they take action with thesystem also.

Simple as that! …Ultra newbie friendly.

Top online marketers suck in $1,000’s upon$1,000’s worth of traffic without paying for it,by creating their own products and then launchingaffiliate programs – where their affiliates sendthem all their traffic.

And the concept is EXACTLY the same here…

Except that you don’t have to invest $1,000’s ofdollars and months of your time to create a product.

It’s an absolutely BRILLIANT system and I jumpedon board immediately.

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