Okay, today we put it all together and start generating massive
traffic to your website using the Traffic Blaster System.

STEP 1: The TE Co-Ops:

Before you can put everything in place you will need two
last tools - the TE Co-Ops. The best I recommend available
through the links below. They are free to join.

I recommend you not only join them, but to take the upgrades
as well for two reasons.

1. You will get monthly credits saving you time.
2. They pay commissions...

A. Legacy Team Co-op $14.61/Month Han (Premium) Upgrade:

Upgrade to a Legacy Team Premium Account and receive:
1.5 Credits Per Coop View
35% Commissions
2000 Monthly Credits
4000 Monthly Banner Ad Credits
4000 Monthly Text Ad Credits
Add up to 30 Sites
Add up to 30 Banners
Add up to 30 Text Ads


B. Explosive Traffic $6.95/Month Pro Upgrade:

Promote Unlimited Sites and Banners
Your Ads are Branded with Your Info
Target Your Ads by Country
1:1 Traffic Agent Earning Ratio
50% Commissions On Referral Purchases


C. TE-JV Co-op $10.95 1 Month Upgrade:

500 Website Credits
Increased Ratio
50% Commissions
Reduced Timer
Extra Promotions


D. Meerkat TE Co-Op No Surfing Required:

Just a simple program that delivers traffic
to your websites. Earn commission while
driving traffic to your websites


STEP 2: Listing the Co-Op links in the 25 Traffic Exchanges:

The beauty of this system is that you only need to insert your
LeadsLeap "Traffic Blaster System" lead page into the Co-Ops listed above.

Then all you do is place the Co-Op special links from the Co-Ops
into the 25 traffic exchanges.

The credits you receive at each Exchange will be assigned to
the Co-Op links and used to promote your LeadsLeap "Traffic Blaster System"
capture page.

Now Read This Carefully...

You assign the credits at the Co-Ops to your "Traffic Blaster System"
capture page and your page will be seen on literally hundreds of traffic
exchanges! How many sites?

1000's of traffic exchanges daily!

I call this... Leverage!

STEP 3: Start Surfing The 25 Traffic Exchanges:

Surf for credits from your 25 Traffic Exchange programs daily.
Set time and credit goals like 1 to 2 hours a day or 2500 to 5000 credits
per week.

Once you start signing up referrals, the possibilities are endless
and your credits are too...Really!

More traffic equals more sign-ups!

Remember: List your Co-Op special links as the target in all 25
traffic exchanges, and allocate all credits to the Co-Op links
that has your
LeadsLeap Traffic Blaster System lead page.

Once you have attracted a sufficient number of referrals by teaching
others the "Traffic Blaster System", you can start concentrating on
promoting your other opportunities to your Traffic Blaster System subscriber's list.