Here we’re going to cover how to replicate the “Traffic Blaster System” so that you can start to build up to the dailymassive traffic you’re looking for.STEP 1: Secure an Autoresponder:The next tool you will need to implement the “Traffic Blaster System” is an autoresponder capable of creating lead capture pages (LCP).SendSteed is a free service provided by, an established leads generation system since 2008.The core business is LeadsLeap¬†advertising. The advertisers are interested to reach out to marketers like you. The ‘cost’ of using this free list management system is that you’ll see ads in the control panel. It’s totally up to you whether you want to click the ads or not. You can sign up at then go to the My List link to use the SendSteed List Manager for Free in side the “Traffic Blaster System” system will help you get referrals in LeadsLeap if you wish to up grade to pro at LeadsLeap it is $27.00 a month for membership with 50% recurring commissions and free is 25% recurring commissions, and more!This means more leads, more referrals to all your traffic exchanges, and more affiliates in your LeadsLeap downline.STEP 2: Creating a LeadsLeap Lead Capture Page Template:Click on the link below to watch how to create a email list and a landing page for Email Marketing on LeadsLeap fromHow To WebWork: these Initial Set Up Instructions from the video as a guide to begin. Create an AutoresponderCampaign with the name Traffic Blaster System. When you promote this page, it will do two things for you automatically…1. It will build your list and give away your “Traffic Blaster System” report.2. Some people will join LeadsLeap from your link like this: Traffic Blaster System A Day To Your Website For Free!SUBHEADLINE: Get over 10,000 FREE HITS EVERY DAY by surfing less than 1 hour a day!Paragraph 1: This FREE system is so easy you’ll be amazed that you survived without it!Paragraph 2: I’ll show you how to maximize your referrals and your credits by surfing allyour Traffic Exchanges from one easy to use FREE PROGRAM!Paragraph 3: Fill out the form to receive the ALL NEW “Traffic Blaster System” e-course FREE!Traffic exchanges work, but only if you use them correctly. LeadsLeap has good Lead Capture Pages that brings higher click through rates than others.I suggest you give them a try.Important Note: Be sure to change the 25 traffic exchange referral linksto your own referral links.Congratulations, you have created your new “Traffic Blaster System” campaign/lead page.STEP 3: Promote Your “Traffic Blaster System” Capture Page:Use the 25 traffic exchanges I provided in Traffic Blaster System Training.However, don’t begin to promote your “Traffic Blaster System” we will put it all together on page 2 of the “Traffic Blaster System”.Go To Traffic Blaster System Training¬†Page 2